Why Lead Water Filtration System Is Necessary for Every Household

Much before the drinking water enters the sink, it goes through thorough treatment procedure to remove harmful impurities, dangerous bacteria along with unwelcomed invaders.

The best possible way for limiting chemicals is that you gulp down water after installing filtration system. The water is quiet safe, but it’s good to make it a lot more safe and delicious after taking next step. We have listed down ten reasons for adding lead water filtration system in your space.

Removal of lead of water supply

Most water supply systems have adequate amount of lead and it affects the wellness and health of your family. Unlike other contaminants and minerals, lead can’t get detected through naked eye and smell. Thus, if you reside in an old house, you’re at higher risk of getting lead in water supply.

Installation of water system for lead reduces and also eliminates lead exposure, but finding right lead water filter becomes challenging and takes a lot more than a day.

Biological and chemical contaminants

A lot of diseases producing pathogens lurk in water supply such as Giardia and norovirus that can be dangerous for your well-being. Many harmful chemicals such as lead, nitrates, glyphosate, arsenic, tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene lead to cancer and other serious illnesses.

The overflow from agricultural pesticides, landscaping, fungicides and insecticides have all such compounds and various other unknown ones as well. Two major issues mainly nearby rural areas are radiation and heavy metal poisoning. Lead water filter systems can avoid the serious risks associated with uranium, lead, barium and chromium poisoning.

Hard water

Still if the water doesn’t have those dangerous foreign contaminants, you would require water filtration systems for houses. Hard water calcium buildup deposits can affect water pressure with overall water quality. The deposits of lime scale can get over shower surfaces and can ruin the shower heads.


Chlorine is commonly used for water treatment and killing of bacteria, such as those causing the legionnaire’ disease. Treated water can retain little chlorine till it reaches home. Although, the level might seem safe, but the long term impact can be harmful.

Instead of taking chances, you need to take precautions that are required for safe drinking. The chlorine is harmful for younger babies and kids. They are a lot susceptible to deficiencies and cancers.

Avoid cheaper products while shopping

Shopping for a lead filtration system must be done with utmost care and only best quality products should be considered. Cheap models only filter contaminants of large particles. By this we mean that filter isn’t able to filter out chemicals, sediments and rust.

The water might appear clear to naked eye, but still it has chlorine and a lot other dangerous toxins.

Also, having expensive reverse osmosis filters can create a similar type of issue. These filters work really well and they take out all valuable minerals through water. These minerals are responsible for the hydration and health and provide water with a much balanced flavor.

The water filtration systems in whole-house water would typically cost a lot more compared to used filtration solutions.

Lead water filter apparatus for home is worthy of an investment and is a necessity for many people.

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