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Facts You Need to Know about Social Media Listening

Social media listening is the best practice of analyzing digital conversations to get a better understanding of what consumers are saying about an industry or a brand online. It is an integral part of audience research. Because of social listening, you can understand how, where, and why these conversations are happening.

Marketing teams tend to use this process for community management, such as point out consumer pain points and provide a direct solution to comments, complaints, and questions. Also, it can help surface feedback that could assist in differentiating their service, product, or brand.

Why is social media listening so crucial?

As digital channels increase rapidly in number, there are countless ways through which consumers can share experiences and feedback, both anonymously and directly. Social media listening enables marketing teams to give importance and evaluate different kinds of feedback from the consumers.

This feedback could be used to produce more appealing offers, in the form of services and products alongside advertisements and content. When you don’t use social listening, you are leaving plenty of valuable insights aside. In fact, you could be missing out on a major part of insight regarding your brand.

You have to know what people are actively discussing about you, and you don’t want to miss them. Directly or indirectly, your consumers are telling you what they expect from your brand. Taking a look at the insights you have gained from social media listening, is the only way to care about your valued consumers.

What is the difference between online monitoring and social media listening?

Most people use these two terms to discuss the same thing. In reality, however, there is a little difference between them. Social media monitoring is all about observing, recording, and collecting quantitative data that have little effect on the condition and operation.

Whereas, social media listening is to give attention to the ear by analyzing and understanding the qualitative date. In short, online media monitoring tells you what is happening in and around. But, social media listening gives you an explanation about why something like that is happening.

How you can set up for online media listening:

Because social media listening is all about listening for, it means choosing the right keywords for your brand. The topics and keywords you monitor tend to evolve over time. Here are some important topics and keywords to monitor right from the beginning.

  • Your product name
  • Your brand name
  • Your competitor’s product and brand names
  • Industry buzzwords
  • Names of important persons, both in your company and your competitor
  • Your slogan and your competitors
  • Campaign keywords and names
  • The hashtags you use and those used by your competitors
  • The unbranded hashtags used in your industry

Five crucial social media listening tips:

Make good use of these 5 tips to get the most out of your money.

  • Listen to your consumers everywhere
  • Learn something from your competition
  • Collaborate with like-minded teams
  • Accept changes
  • Take action


It is proven that social media listening is the best way forward to grow your brand value. It gives your brand an opportunity to analyze and respond to certain conversations on social media.

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