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5 Exciting Car Detailing Tips

Car or auto detailing is a job that requires your time and interest both. Once you start to get fun with it, you would want to clean your car from time to time, to keep it running and get the new like feature of it. Proper maintenance of your car will give you the best satisfaction. You can bring your car to an auto servicing center, or do the task by yourself.

If you have spare time, you can opt for the car detailing. Here, you need some help, so, check out the car detailing tips in this article.

Clean the interior

Your car might look fine from the outside, but the inside is a mess. You have put the potato chips bag on the seat, or soiled tea on the carpet. So the floor mat and the cover on the seats need a shampooing. You have to remove the same and clean them outside, this will help you avoid the issue of dirt water staining the car exterior.

Use a microfiber towel

It will be best if you use a microfiber towel to clean the car. If you use cotton material with water on the car surface, it will take time to dry. Microfiber towels absorb water and ensure there are no streaks of dirt or water. This is a good option for drying the paint also water from the glass windows. However, you have to be careful and not rub hard on the surface of the glass, it may leave scratches on the film. Keep a set of microfiber towels, so that you can use them on different parts of the car. Also, make sure to clean the towels after using them.

Clean the engine

Your car engine is the most overlooked place and it’s one of the dirtiest areas in the vehicle. Some owners go for car servicing, where they clean the engine. If you have time in your hand, you can do this task by yourself. You need some rags and a spray cleaner. You can also have wet wipes to clean the car. These are easy things to use, and you can clean the tools, wheels, engine bay with it.

Wheel well cleaning

Other than cleaning the wheels, you can clean the wells of it. All you need is a spray cleaner and apply some liquid in the interior of the wells, and use a scrub to clean the place. You must ensure the brush is clean because if it’s not, it can leave dirt marks inside the wheel well. You can keep a separate scrub to clean them well, and you will get better cleaning.


The moment you have removed the dirt and water remnants from the car, you can add a layer of protection to the vehicle. You can apply a little bit of wax, there are spray bottles and you can add the same over the vehicle surface. Once you apply it, you have to rub it off. After this, you can go for paint protection but that is costlier than wax spray. However, both methods are good to make your car sparkle.

Keep in mind that car detailing Norman does not mean the exterior of the vehicle but the interior too. If you want your car to run like new for years, you have to pay attention to the detailing of it.

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