How To Choose A Good Commercial Roofer

There is a difference between domestic roofing contractor and commercial roofer. If you are from Oklahoma City and are trying to choose the right commercial roofer, then we would suggest that you spend some time going through this article. If you are a property owner and have properties for commercial purposes, then you certainly must spend some time choosing the right commercial roofers in Owasso. You must be selective and careful about everything that you do. This includes tasks such as choosing the best employees, identifying the right supply chain and also selecting a vendor who is the best in quality. With so many commercial roofers trying to woo the same set of customers, the choice becomes quite tough for customers. Hence, we are happy to share some useful and pertinent information about the various points to be kept in mind when there is a need to choose these professionals. We are sure it will help you to have better knowledge and information when it comes to the task of shortlisting and then picking the right commercial roofer.

Check On Affiliations, Licenses, And Certificates

You must always look for roofers who have the right license for practicing in your state. The paperwork must be up to date. They should have valid and comprehensive insurance coverage and the employees must be covered under the worker’s compensation and liability coverage. These things are extremely important in case there is an unforeseen accident while the workers are performing their duties on behalf of the commercial roofing contractors in Midwest City. Further, you must ensure that the roofers have employees who are well trained, certified and it is not enough only if the owner knows the job.

Always Go By Referrals

Each roofing company will certainly try to hard sell themselves. However, the onus lies on you to be sure that you select only those who come with the best of referrals from previous customers. This will help you to get the right idea about their overall experience, expertise, and other such attributes. You should also try and get information about the behavior and friendliness of the staff, the way in which they communicate. You should try and avoid roofers who require follow up work before the work is completed correctly and properly.

Are They Experts In Commercial Roofing

You also must make sure that you only those commercial roofers who are commercial roofers in the true sense of the term. This is all the more true for old roofs because only experienced commercial roofers will be able to handle it properly and professionally. Also, look into their safety records and try to hire only those who come with an exemplary and blemishless safety record.

Do Not Go By Costs Alone

Quality always comes with a price tag attached to it. The same is the case with commercial roofing contractors in Edmond. You must try and hire only those roofers who are ready to offer quality even if their rates are slightly higher. You must stay away from the tendency to cut corners on rates because it could turn out to be a case of being pennywise pound foolish.

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How To Choose The Best Water Filter

There are many contaminating agents like pharmaceutical residues, PFCs, heavy metals and also pesticides that are found in all water supplies around the globe. They cannot be totally eliminated or wished away. Hence, there is a need to find out ways and means by which we can protect us and our families from the negative health impact of these contaminating the water supplies that we drink and use for other purposes. As the water levels and water bodies and water tables continue to move down, the risk of contamination continues to be there. Hence, the best way to address this problem is to choose a good water filter in general and lead filter in general. This is because lead is one of the most dangerous contaminants in water and poisoning associated with lead happens gradually over a period of time. Before choosing the right water filter for your home, there are a few things that must be considered.

Know The Source Of Water

Before choosing the right lead water filter, there is a need to find out the source of water. There are simple ways by which this can be done. The first and foremost step is to go by the certificates that are available based on tests conducted by the municipal authorities. These tests will prove the level of contamination and the various contaminating agent that is involved. Based on this, you will be able to choose the right water filter that can handle such contaminants.

Reports From Water Utilities

There are many water suppliers and utilities who often issue yearly water quality reports. This will be able to ensure that you are in a position to choose the right water filter keeping in mind the reports that emanate from such water utilities. Of course, there could be chances of new contaminants being picked up as the water reaches your home. Hence, there is a need to also conduct the right home water tests before choosing the right water filter.

Different Types Of Water Filter

Pitcher filters are popular but we must understand that these filters can remove a few contaminants including chlorine. Further, the water generally sits in a plastic container for a long period of time. This could also lead to more harmful chemicals being picked up from the pitcher itself. At best pitcher filters could be useful in improving the taste and odor of the water rather than offering anything more substantial.

Faucet-Mount Filter

There are many faucet-mount filters that have the capacity of removing a decent amount of contaminants. Before buying such filters it would always be better to read the fine print and be sure about the contaminants that they are capable of removing. These filters are no doubt inexpensive and can easily be replaced without the need for special skills. The initial cost in some cases could be more but the benefits of such faucet mount filters over the long term can be quite interesting.

Countertop Water Filter

Countertop filters are considered good because they do not take up too much of space under your sink. Hence it can be fixed on to the faucets or it could be freestanding. It doesn’t require the need for refilling the water again and again because the filter is connected to the main water source.

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Uses Of Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorbents

If you are looking at the right information and knowledge pertaining to Mercury Removal and Hydrogen Sulfide, then it is quite obvious that you will find this article interesting and informative. There are many situations where there are excess concentration and buildup of hydrogen sulfide and there is a dire need to have it removed without any delay. The only way forward is to look for the right purification products that are constantly used in fixed bed processes. These are easy to operate and the products require minimal attention from the operators. However, you should have expertise working with this product and the right processes must be followed for the best of system configuration and optimal product configuration. It would be pertinent to mention here that upstream natural gas processing is where these h2s scavenger products are used extensively.

Where Are These Scavengers Used

However, the ranges of absorbents of hydrogen sulfide are quite diverse and they include early production systems. They are also used in floating production scenarios, during storage and also during offloading facilities. They also come in very handy in gas processing plants, petrochemical plants and also in various other offshore platforms. It would be near impossible to work without these scavengers in any petrochemical plant and they are needed for the purpose of odor control and also for refining and other purposes. When it comes to venting treatment, gas storage, biogas storage, wastewater treatment and disposal, landfill gas management processes and managing of food-grade CO2, it is quite obvious that these do have a very big and vital role to play.

It Would Need Readymade As Well As Customized Services

The customer support that is required could be both readymades as well as customized. There are a number of ways the support services are offered. It could range from basic management technologies to more complex and demanding situations. This would call for a complete and total solution that is fully dependent on complex engineering. This takes into account the various aspects of basic system design, detailed fabrication packaging, media supply, a supply of different types of equipment and last but not the least to efficiently manage spent media.

Removal Of Hydrogen Sulfide From Gas

There are also select types of adsorbents that belong to the sulfate family. These are based on complex mixed metal oxide engineering and can be used both for water-saturated gas and also for dry gas accumulations.

Removal From Liquid

During many manufacturing processes, it is quite obvious that mixed metal oxide and iron oxide are needed for removal of hydrogen sulfide from liquid hydrocarbons. Here again, you need to have special technologies that can help to remove hydrogen sulfide from such liquid sources without compromising on the purity of the final product and also ensuring complete safety and well being of the users and other stakeholders.

You also need to remove mercury from gas and there are specific and special mercury adsorbents where metal sulfides are needed to remove harmful mercury from various gaseous streams. Once this has been done, there also is the need to remove hydrogen sulfides from the mercury final products.

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A Look At Women’s Golf Clothes Industry

As more numbers of women come into the sporting world in general and golf in particular, it is quite obvious that women’s golf clothing and apparel business is growing quite significantly. The total women’s sports clothing and apparel business in the USA alone could be to the tune of $5 to $15 trillion. There is a new term being coined these days and it is referred to as an athleisure segment. It is also growing quite satisfactorily posting growth of around 11 percent in 2016. It has reached a sales figure of around $46 billion. A reasonably big chunk of this is contributed by women’s golf clothing, apparels, and other such things. However, compared to men, it is still not as aggressive as one would think it would be. Most women golf wears are restricted only the golf grounds and they are seldom worn outside the golf tournaments or practice sessions.

 Golf Dresses Have Been Plagued By Many Ills

 There are enough reasons to believe that women’s golf has been plagued by many ills. It has been so since women began taking part in golf some fifty to sixty years ago. Women belonging to the Victorian era are known to have played the game in situations that were bad, to say the least. It is not because of their lack of talent but because of the kinds of dresses that we were asked to wear. Their attire at times looked ridiculous and including bustles, crinolines, and also multiple petticoats. This made it almost impossible for the women golfers to putt and swing as their male counterparts were able to do. Further, they were also made to wear skirt and arm bands so that the clothing would remain in place when they are playing the game. However, things did change but it happened very slowly. It was only during the 20th Century and showing of ankles by women golfers were considered appropriate. This was a big change and the days of muddy Golf skirts were left behind.

 Golf Dresses As They Are Today

 Today, while big strides have been made in the way women dress themselves up in the golf playground, things are still not very fast when it comes to catching up with fashion. The dresses and attires that women wear on the golf ground seemingly vacillate between being masculine and stodgy. Some are revealing and ultra-light. These might be good enough for those women who have been endowed with the best of looks and body features. The LPGA thought it fit to step in and it came out with new dress codes for women not so long ago. It issues new directions that sought to forbid the exposure of the bottom areas at any point in time. It also was against plunging necklines. All these did infuriate women golfers and things almost came to a head and women had all reasons to feel enraged about it.

 Many women considered this as body shaming and LPGA had to sit back and take notice of it again. Hence, it is expected that it will not be long before the actual catching up in terms of fashion.

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Changing Trends In Women’s Golf Dresses

Golf is one of the most popular and widely followed sporting events in the world today. There are hundreds of small and big golf tournaments happening across the length and breadth of the country. Even as we might be reading this article, it is quite possible that we could come across dozens of tournaments that could be running across the face of the earth. Women and men are equally enthusiastic about participating and supporting this sport. However, as is the case with other sports, there are strict dress codes as far as golf is concerned. It is applicable to both me and women. In this article, we will be looking at golf dresses for women and how trends have changed over the years. When we look at golf during the early 1950s for women, we remember the long dresses that covered almost every inch of the body. They not only looked ugly but also were heavy and restricted the movement of the lady golfers. However, with changes in technology and evolution, there have been changes and today wearing a black golf skirt or a sleeveless top is no longer considered blasphemy as it was perhaps even around 2 or 3 decades earlier. We will try and have a look at the various changes that have taken place in the dress habits for women golfers.


 There is no doubt that there have been quite a few changes as far as the tops of women’s golfers are concerned. It would be pertinent to mention here that today women are comfortable wearing sleeveless tops that display their arms and also their armpits while they take shots.  This would not have possible eve around twenty years back. Further today women are allowed to wear polo shirts that were previously only the domain of the men golfers. Further, women are comfortable wearing these tops in different colors and with designs all over the body. However, t-shirts, sweatshirts and other such dresses still continue to be out of bounds in the golf course as far as women are concerned.


 If one looks at the first few snaps of golf tournaments of women around d 50 to 60 years ago, then the dresses would have been unbelievable. The entire area starting from the waist down to the ankles were almost fully covered. The women were allowed very little choice as far as the colors of the bottoms were concerned. Black was the only color that was considered to be legal and permissible. However, all this has changed over the past few years. Today, we have bottoms that have changed with times. We have short skirts and something known as golf skorts which are attractive and perhaps even enticing. The shorts, however, should be covering the knee and there are a few more restrictions that one needs to bear in mind. Different colors are permissible as far as the bottoms are concerned.


 There are also other changes with regard to headgear, shoes and other such things. They are becoming more comfortable and are changing with times. Further, the focus of women’s golf dresses is the comfort, ease of wearing and of course style and being in tune with changing times and fashion requirements.

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Why Shotguns Are Good Self Defense Weapons

There is no doubt that this article will be interesting for all those who are looking for the right Shotgun for sale Oklahoma City outlets. However, before identifying such outlets, there also is the need to understand as to why shotguns are considered to be very useful and effective self-defense weapons. They have been in use for decades and in fact, there are stories as to how these guns played a very important part in World War I and even in World War II to a great extent. There are some unmistakable and significant things about shotguns that cannot be missed out. These include the train tunnel bore and also the unique sound that a pump shotgun makes. The sound that it offers is in itself frightening and could help to keep the users safe from attacks from thieves, burglars and even different types of animals. Hence let us try and find out the reasons as to why even today it continues to be a favorite defensive tool though there are other weapons that are available in the market.

 They Are Versatile

 One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of shotguns is because it offers a wide choice of configurations, ammunition types and accessories and even today they are considered to be much better than others. They are considered to be extremely effective self-defense weapons at close range. In fact, all such self-defense weapons are required only when there is a close-range attack. Further, the size of these shotguns are quite intimidating and once it is hung around the shoulder, it does send shivers in the hearts and minds of people who are planning something wrong.

 They Are Good Even When You Are Hunting

 Are you on the lookout for the right weapon for hunting? If yes, there are reasons to believe that even today, shotguns are considered to be one of the best choices. There are different variants of shotguns and they fire a number of bullets across the horizon. This is very useful and attractive when it comes to hunting birds and other flying objects.

 They Are Easy To Use

 Ease of use is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of shotguns. They are customer friendly and the shots can be fired quite easily without too much of practice. Therefore even those who are relatively new to the use of shotguns would be in a position to make use of the same without too much of a struggle.

 The Ammunition Are Standardized

 There is no doubt that the ammunition that is used in shotguns is standardized and therefore getting refills of the same is not very difficult, to say the least. It is available in online stores too and this is something that sets it apart from other such guns in the market today. When all the above factors are taken into account there are reasons galore for considering shotgun over others. However, you have to do your research and choose the right shotgun taking into account your specific needs and requirements. A hunting shotgun cannot be a good self-defense shotgun.

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Facts You Need To Know About Golf Dresses For Women

Golf is certainly a highly popular and well-known game and it has millions of followers across the world. cute women’s golf clothes is also quite popular and when we look back at history, we can come across many dozens of famous women’s golfers. However, when it comes to golf tournaments, there are some dress restrictions that must be taken care of. The famous golf circuits in the world are very particular about the kind of dresses that women golfers should wear. The same also applies to men also. In this article, we will look at a few aspects of golf dresses for men and will try and focus on the tops in particular. We hope that the information provided will be helpful in more ways than one. If you are a budding women golfer, the information provided below could be useful because you will not end up spending something which could be considered as a waste of money.

Some Information About Golf Shirt

The shirt is the most common dress when it comes to playing golf. It is the most common choice both for men and women. When we talk about golf shirts, we often talk about collars and cuffs. But many of us may not be aware too much about plackets and yokes because they are not very commonly used and are lesser known terms. The collar of the shirt is important for any women golfer. This is because most golf courses do not allow t-shirts without collars. The collars are usually folded pieces of fabrics and they are there at the neckline. The color of the golf shirt is also important and in many courses, there are strict unwritten regulations regarding it. However, some smaller golf courses are moving away from such dress regulations both for men and women. They are doing so to ensure that an increased number of people, particularly women show more interest in black golf skirt. The strict dress code is putting off many women golfers and this is an effort to wean them back to golf, especially at the entry stage.

The Fabric Is Important

It also would be pertinent to mention here that the fabric that you choose for your shirts or t-shirts is also very important. It should be comfortable and at the same time, it should be in line with the requirements of the organizers of such golf tournaments. Women, in particular, are advised to wear t-shirts that are made from not so thick fabrics. However, some allowances can be made during summer seasons. The color of the shirts should be light during summer. This is because light color helps to reflect light and heat rather than absorbing it. On the other hand, it should be dark-colored during the winter season because it could help in absorbing whatever sunlight and heat that finds its way through.

Summing Up

T-shirts and women’s long sleeve golf shirts are just one part of the story as far as golf dresses for women are concerned. There are also other important things such as shoes, hat, sunglasses, shorts, trousers and various other things which also have an important and significant role to play.

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Benefits of Using Call Tracking System for Businesses

Tracking calls has become important part of today’s marketing system as it allows the owner of the business to track the location of the incoming calls. In this way, businesses can avail a number of benefits, discussed here under, by installing a call tracking system in their premise.

Improve your ROI

The information provided by call tracking system can enable you to determine the right return on investment on different campaigns of marketing. By tracking the unique phone numbers you can know which is the most profit producing marketing campaign.

Know peak hours of receiving calls

You can know the exact time of receiving most of the calls through your call tracking system. This information can help you to know that most of the calls were received on which hour of the day or which day of the week so that you can schedule working hours of your marketing staff efficiently.

Make quick decisions

You can produce reports containing all types of information about the caller numbers and duration of call etc. through your system of tracking calls. This information can help you in taking quick decisions about your marketing campaigns in future.

Improves facility to forward calls

The call tracked by your advanced call tracking system can be forwarded easily to the concerned member of your staff. It will not only quicken your sales but also prevent your customers from getting frustrated by waiting to be connected to the appropriate person.

Better focus to your marketing campaign

The information got from tracking calls can allow you to know about the exact demographics of your customers so that you can know about their lifestyle more appropriately. It will help you to reach your customers more efficiently by focusing your marketing campaign on them.

Provides you more valuable information

Your call tracking system also allows you to maintain the record of incoming calls to know the kind of expectations of your customers and problems are faced by most of them. It can also allow you to make exact and fast changes in your future marketing plans.

Measure effectiveness of your online marketing campaign

You can also improve you online marketing campaign with the help of the information received through tracking calls from unique phone numbers. It will help you to know which landing page has encouraged then to make call to you. It will also help in improving your marketing campaign with a better focus.

Improve your search engine optimization

Your call tracking system can also help you in improving SEO of your business website. It can allow you to collect information about your PPC campaign and know exactly the calls are generated due to which keywords. It will also help you in improving the SEO of your site by including the keywords that can attract your customers more efficiently.

Better management of staff

You can be able to manage your marketing staff more efficiently by tracking calls. You can know whether your staff is helping your customers as well as increasing the sales on phone by using the records of the tracked calls and other information.

Grand Opening

Opening Another Location

We are excited to announce that we will opening a new comedy club in the midwest. Oklahoma City is the new destination for one of our standup clubs. We will be inviting locals in during the week to showcase their comedic talents and inspire the crowd to engage in spontaneous standup routines. But before we do we must remodel the run down club. We will be hiring some local contractors to help with the renovations, that will include new drywall, flooring, lighting, seating, stage, PA system, bar, kitchen, painting, and decor. Yes, we will be doing a complete overhaul to the comedy club.

New Lighting Features

new lightingThe club was previously a night club, we will be adding a unique lighting feature that will add an elegant touch to a modern design. Local lighting contractors Andrews Lighting will be providing the new center piece.

PA System

We have already ordered a new PA system from Sweetwater that will include sub wolfers, PA speakers, mixing board, and multiple wireless microphones. We will also be purchasing a recording module to capture the audio in HD.

Hardwood Flooring in Auditorium

The removal of carpet, and addition of hardwood flooring will add an elegant touch to the new club. flooring okcThe hardwood flooring will also give the sound a natural reverb effect, adding to the experience, and making the room sound bigger than it is. We contracted Fireant Flooring in Oklahoma City for the installation and finishing of the new floors.

New Seating Arrangement

The previous layout catered to an open seating plan, where most people opted to stand and dance. This was an issue for us since we were in need of a concert seating style layout. We purchased 100 new chairs from

New Gourmet Kitchen

new commercial wolf stoveThe new kitchen will be installed by the guys at Oswalt. We will be furnishing the kitchen with new Wolf appliances, copper pots, and new gas lines for energy efficient cooking and catering. We will also be renting the open space for private events and corporate parties.

2014 National Jazz Awards announced

This year’s National Jazz Awards feature the guitar, with the 10 finalists now announced, due to compete in Wangaratta in November.

2014 has been named the year of the guitar as Wangaratta gears up to host the National Jazz Awards at the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues. Ten finalists have been announced, and of that ten, three will head into the finals on Sunday the 2nd of November. ABC Jazz and Classic FM will be broadcasting the perfomances of the final three from 5pm on November the 2nd, so don’t forget to tune in. And, if you’re around-and-about at the festival, don’t forget to check out the semi-finals, which are held around town in the lead-up to final three.

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