How To Choose The Best Water Filter

How To Choose The Best Water Filter

There are many contaminating agents like pharmaceutical residues, PFCs, heavy metals and also pesticides that are found in all water supplies around the globe. They cannot be totally eliminated or wished away. Hence, there is a need to find out ways and means by which we can protect us and our families from the negative health impact of these contaminating the water supplies that we drink and use for other purposes. As the water levels and water bodies and water tables continue to move down, the risk of contamination continues to be there. Hence, the best way to address this problem is to choose a good water filter in general and lead filter in general. This is because lead is one of the most dangerous contaminants in water and poisoning associated with lead happens gradually over a period of time. Before choosing the right water filter for your home, there are a few things that must be considered.

Know The Source Of Water

Before choosing the right lead water filter, there is a need to find out the source of water. There are simple ways by which this can be done. The first and foremost step is to go by the certificates that are available based on tests conducted by the municipal authorities. These tests will prove the level of contamination and the various contaminating agent that is involved. Based on this, you will be able to choose the right water filter that can handle such contaminants.

Reports From Water Utilities

There are many water suppliers and utilities who often issue yearly water quality reports. This will be able to ensure that you are in a position to choose the right water filter keeping in mind the reports that emanate from such water utilities. Of course, there could be chances of new contaminants being picked up as the water reaches your home. Hence, there is a need to also conduct the right home water tests before choosing the right water filter.

Different Types Of Water Filter

Pitcher filters are popular but we must understand that these filters can remove a few contaminants including chlorine. Further, the water generally sits in a plastic container for a long period of time. This could also lead to more harmful chemicals being picked up from the pitcher itself. At best pitcher filters could be useful in improving the taste and odor of the water rather than offering anything more substantial.

Faucet-Mount Filter

There are many faucet-mount filters that have the capacity of removing a decent amount of contaminants. Before buying such filters it would always be better to read the fine print and be sure about the contaminants that they are capable of removing. These filters are no doubt inexpensive and can easily be replaced without the need for special skills. The initial cost in some cases could be more but the benefits of such faucet mount filters over the long term can be quite interesting.

Countertop Water Filter

Countertop filters are considered good because they do not take up too much of space under your sink. Hence it can be fixed on to the faucets or it could be freestanding. It doesn’t require the need for refilling the water again and again because the filter is connected to the main water source.

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