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All You Need to Know about Stamped Concrete

Science is developing every day and with that, it is always re-inventing itself and providing proper solutions for our everyday needs. One such of its modern advancement is stamped concrete that is generally making the sidewalks a bit more fashionable.

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is a special type of concrete that is embossed with multiple varieties of patterns and textures. It is majorly used in patios, sidewalks, pool decks to name a few. One of the finest qualities of stamped concrete is its ability to mingle with the other material used in the building which makes it highly affordable.


The process of stamping concrete came into existence in the 1950s but its vogue was started in the 1970s as it gave builders a fresh methodology to work on the concrete at a low affordable cost. The process grew more and more popular and it encouraged people on various designs and stains. The biggest merit of stamping concrete is that it can be done on any surface or texture.

Procedures which are followed

There are three steps that are mainly followed in creating a stamped concrete. These include-

Addition of base color

Coming on to the first process here the initial work is done and that happens by selecting a primary color with the main objective to indicate the color of the natural building substance. The base color is generally prepared with the help of a color hardener. Later the processes of application of color hardener can be either done by integral color or cast-on color. In the integral color process, the base color is used to dye the entire block of the volume of concrete. On the other hand, cast on color is basically used to dye the surface of the concrete with the base color. Apart from color hardener, integral liquid, acid stains are used for coloring of concrete.

Addition of accent color

After the initial stage, the next procedure that is followed is the involvement of the secondary color. The prime objective of using secondary color is to generate textures and showcase in-depth building properties. The ascent color is introduced with the help of color release to the concrete.  The application of color release can be achieved with two forms. One in powdered and the other in liquid form. In the powdered form, it is spread on the concrete and in liquid form sprayed on the bottom. Both the process is done earlier the concrete is stamped.

Stamping a pattern into the concrete

It is the final process where the concrete is shaped with intrigued designs and patterns with the help of concrete stamps or cookie cutters that makes it look like the natural building material at a low cost.

Some pattern popular in stamped concrete 

London Cobble

Ashlar Cut Slate

Random Stone

Classic Wood

Running Bond New Brick

Herringbone New Brick

Grand Ashlar

European Fan

Fractured Cyprus Slate

Rough Stone Texture

Pros and Cons of stamping concrete


Highly affordable than other materials.

Optimizes outdoor spaces and increases value addition to your home.

Unlimited choices of color and patterns.

Highly durable and long life guarantee.

Maintenance is very easy.


Should be only done by professionals.

Minor crack might develop over time

Cleaning and resealing should be done from time to time.

Difficulties in repairs.


To conclude, stamped concrete is a one-stop solution for the builder or customer for easy and affordable building material with many choices and colors.

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Advantages Of Choosing Precast Concrete

Concrete as a construction material has been around for many centuries. It is known for its aesthetic appeal, versatility, and durability. It offers very good value for money. Though concrete can be mixed at the site and used at the spot, precast concrete is also now being regularly used. It has many strengths and benefits. Apart from being versatile and durable, it is quite easy on the environment and could also bring down construction time quite a bit. We are happy to list down some of the common reasons that could make precast concrete a great option. It will give a fresh and new insight into the various reasons why it might make sense to choose precast concrete suppliers in Oklahoma City over others.


Control is a big challenge as far as the construction industry is concerned. However, this can be overcome with the use of precast concrete. It allows the users to have much better control over the job site and also the schedule you plan. When you decide to go in for offsite production, the pieces are poured and then cured in a highly controlled environment. They are then stored in a well-planned storage yard. They are used as and when required at the job site. You, therefore, will be able to get high-quality concrete materials. You can reduce onsite labor and it also will have a much lesser impact on the construction site and it will look neat and less messy.

Value For Money

Since it is easier to control precast concrete, durability and quality are much better when compared to cast-in-place concrete. Precast manufacturers will also get materials from suppliers at a discounted price. This is because of the simple logic of a higher volume of purchases. A single project could see the buyer picking up thousands of dollars worth of material that is required for such concrete resurfacing in OKC. You will also be spending lesser money on curing the concrete at the site. Material and labor costs will also come down quite a bit because it will act as a good architectural façade and also as a structural frame. Hence, when all the above are taken together, you can expect much better value for money.

Easy to Install

Precast concrete is given shape offsite and it is done in a covered environment. This means it is not dependent on the weather like other site-cast products. Off-site concrete slab manufacturing also makes the construction site safer, cleaner and the delivery schedule is also better. The entire project can be completed on time and overruns of time and cost can be avoided to a great extent.

Quality & Durability

Those who have used precast concrete know that it is durability and also the quality is much better. It can withstand the elements of nature quite well and also be able to stand up to years of tough wear and tear. It will continue to remain strong and resilient and will continue to retain the new look for years at length.

Noise Reduction

There is no doubt that precast concrete is known for its sturdy and dense character. It is, therefore, the material of choice for buildings where soundproofing is a must. Many commercial buildings in big cities use precast concrete for this single reason alone. The same is the case with student dormitories and multi-family residential apartments. It helps to limit noise transfer in these places.

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