A Look At Women’s Golf Clothes Industry

A Look At Women’s Golf Clothes Industry

As more numbers of women come into the sporting world in general and golf in particular, it is quite obvious that women’s golf clothing and apparel business is growing quite significantly. The total women’s sports clothing and apparel business in the USA alone could be to the tune of $5 to $15 trillion. There is a new term being coined these days and it is referred to as an athleisure segment. It is also growing quite satisfactorily posting growth of around 11 percent in 2016. It has reached a sales figure of around $46 billion. A reasonably big chunk of this is contributed by women’s golf clothing, apparels, and other such things. However, compared to men, it is still not as aggressive as one would think it would be. Most women golf wears are restricted only the golf grounds and they are seldom worn outside the golf tournaments or practice sessions.

 Golf Dresses Have Been Plagued By Many Ills

 There are enough reasons to believe that women’s golf has been plagued by many ills. It has been so since women began taking part in golf some fifty to sixty years ago. Women belonging to the Victorian era are known to have played the game in situations that were bad, to say the least. It is not because of their lack of talent but because of the kinds of dresses that we were asked to wear. Their attire at times looked ridiculous and including bustles, crinolines, and also multiple petticoats. This made it almost impossible for the women golfers to putt and swing as their male counterparts were able to do. Further, they were also made to wear skirt and arm bands so that the clothing would remain in place when they are playing the game. However, things did change but it happened very slowly. It was only during the 20th Century and showing of ankles by women golfers were considered appropriate. This was a big change and the days of muddy Golf skirts were left behind.

 Golf Dresses As They Are Today

 Today, while big strides have been made in the way women dress themselves up in the golf playground, things are still not very fast when it comes to catching up with fashion. The dresses and attires that women wear on the golf ground seemingly vacillate between being masculine and stodgy. Some are revealing and ultra-light. These might be good enough for those women who have been endowed with the best of looks and body features. The LPGA thought it fit to step in and it came out with new dress codes for women not so long ago. It issues new directions that sought to forbid the exposure of the bottom areas at any point in time. It also was against plunging necklines. All these did infuriate women golfers and things almost came to a head and women had all reasons to feel enraged about it.

 Many women considered this as body shaming and LPGA had to sit back and take notice of it again. Hence, it is expected that it will not be long before the actual catching up in terms of fashion.

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